Dreamy Desires

My friend and I were conversing, one day. The topic of us conversation, as far as I remember, was the beauty we find in books, and in the world around. We were sharing our beautiful dreams with each other. And I came up with a verse. It was all quite sudden and our conversation inspired me to write this. It has been almost 4 years since I wrote this –

Dreamy Desires

I wandered along the shore, alone
in a distant, dreamy land
My vision true, my feet too light,
too light to touch the sand.

The sea was green, the sky was blue
the shore was crystal clear
No work had I, no place to go
I walked on without fear.

And then a friend, a loved one
stood by me, held my hand
We walked together, our dreams fulfilled
In the distant, dreamy land.

But how long do our dreams stay real,
do they let us go astray?
Life called us back to the mundane things
and we had to run away!


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