She closed her eyes, humming lullabies

Escaping into dreams repressed

by the unpleasantness of quotidian life.

Travelling down the stairs of time,

she paused awhile

Sweet reminiscences;

sweeter than dewdrops on wintry morns.

Yet another scar,

paving its way

striving to bedim the bliss

she craves to hold onto

She believes she can make it through.

A deceptive smile to beguile her heart,

to obliterate the scar

that burns only to wish her death

And yet another time,

It is her smile that captivates

Ensnares the scar,

Outshines the memories sweet

Gleefully, it is the sweetness she holds onto.


34 thoughts on “Memories

  1. This is beautiful. In fact, I went back and read it three times. Your blog name is perfect and I can only imagine how well it brings people to your table of artistry. I look forward to subscribing to your blog and reading even more! Thanks!

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  2. I tried to leave a comment on First Friday’s but for some reason it isn’t possible. Maybe it is too close to the end of Friday! I enjoyed reading your posts and I really like the look of your blog. Trouble is when I started looking at your home, about, contact and blog sections I couldn’t find my way to any of your posts. I was only able to get back to them by clicking on the name of your blog on the left side of the black section. Normally the posts would be hooked up to either the home section or the blog section.

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      1. The address does open to the blog. What I’m talking about are the words at the top right corner of the blog, i.e. home, about, contact, blog. Normally the “home” page IS the blog. But you also have “blog” up there at the top. So it seems like one of those should go to the blog and one should be taken down. That would make it easier for people to get back to your blog after they read one of your posts.

        In time you will learn about the widgets which also make it easier to navigate a blog. Your blog is really beautiful. I like it a lot!

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      2. It looks like with your theme the home page is meant to have a message like you have (and your’s is very nice!) and “blog” is meant to be the blog. Right now the message that comes up if you click on blog is “This is the page where users will find your site’s blog”.

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  3. Hello! I am brand new to this whole operation, so am clicking around to learn more. I clicked on this site and really enjoyed your poem! I haven’t read poetry in a while, so it was refreshing and peaceful to read through and muse over this, and to see that you chose the good to outweigh the bad in your reflections πŸ™‚

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m so happy you loved it! If you are a new blogger here, I would definitely ask you to continue blogging! I’m new myself, joined just two weeks ago. But it’s an amazing experience and I’m enjoying it so much! Thanks a lot for the appreciation! πŸ™‚

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