In the Middle of the Night


This is for all those people who have
felt or experienced a crack in their relationships with loved ones, be it a parent, a friend or a lover. You may relate to this with the growing years of a healthy relationship. My write-up specifies my Mom. I recently found this in one of my diaries. And you know the feel when you get hold of a younger version of yourself! This write-up means a lot to me. In spite of everything, I know how much I love this one, beautiful woman of my life- my Mother. πŸ™‚

As I lay myself on an antique piece of furniture, not too antique, yet antique like- it creaks. In the last 19 years of my life I’ve never felt it creak like this. Never. Just as I stepped out of my blossoming teenage years, I stood with wobbly steps on the unwanted brink of new years- unwanted adulthood. And you know, everything around you grows along with you like a constant companion. Perhaps, your favourite pram that outshined every other toy you had, is now nothing but fragmented plastics awaiting their turn to be received by a waste collector. You walk on the same floor, accustom yourself to the same furniture. Only, they grow faster than you do, yet last longer than you do. You can detect their ageing when the colours fade, the ostentatious brand names scrape off, or like mine, begin to creak like they never did.

Well, you know I was so close to my Mother. Always. Wait no, maybe not that close, but she was the closest in the family.

The other day, I was talking about an event in college. I was talking. She was preoccupied with something on the internet. I willfully repeated myself. Moments later, I was parodying her name and making weird noises. (I’m sorry if I was being kiddish)

When I entered my room, embosomed by the tranquility within it, my not-so-evil-twin almost reiterated- You are a loner. You always were.

Happy Mother’s Day πŸ™‚


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