The Incorrigible Optimist


So here I am, the ‘incorrigible optimist’. Well, this is a new title I got for myself. No, I did not provide my own self with it. But someone else did and I liked it. I have previously been titled as ‘spontaneous poet’, ‘queen of humour’ and so on. But this one title, will stay with me forever, for it defines me.

I am really an optimist to the core. Whatever it be, I’ll always try to locate the bright side of things at the end of the day. Yes, people do hurt me. It isn’t like, I’ve lived a utopic life and that is where my optimism stems from. I’ve had the most terrible of experiences. I’ve felt the pangs of break-ups (even though I’ve never been in love). But with every heart break, every distress, I’ve always come up with words to console my little heart, to tell myself why a certain nasty thing happened or maybe, the lessons I learned because it happened.

I’ve got this beautiful desire to spread goodness around me. Not that it’s always possible or I’m always successful, but I try. And I’ll keep trying till I breath my last. Well, since I’ve already written so much, I should also share the best thing that ever happened with me. There was this person, a born pessimist, never willing to stop being grumpy. The first time I met her the only thing that dominated her personality was pessimism. She would never cease to express her grudge against almost everything. I couldn’t endure that. Besides, I hadn’t even spent a month with her. All I could gather of her was, her negativities and her distressful attitude. Somehow, she wasn’t a very favourable personality for me. Yet, at one point of time I decided to give it a try. And we began talking. You won’t believe this, she’s all positive now(mostly) and we’re the best of friends. 🙂

P.S.. The one who entitled me the ‘incorrigible optimist’ did so because… 

The person said, “I’ll punch you.”

I replied, “I love you. And if I tell you I love you, you can’t punch me. You’ll feel bad about it. ”

The person said, “I’ll punch you and then I’ll embrace you.”

I replied, “The embrace will heal the wounds of the punch.”

The person, “I was expecting this. You, incorrigible optimist!”






18 thoughts on “The Incorrigible Optimist

  1. Wonderful post ! Loved it, myself being an optimist I can totally understand your view here. With eternal hope and a heart full of faith, in conquering the world with love, the knight shall prevail ! 😉

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  2. Amazing post. Although not naturally an optimist I am trying to learn to spread more grace and beauty into the world. To learn to criticize less and encourage more. To complain less and give thanks more. To stop looking down and look up to see the beauty in every day.

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