My Little Wish


Years ago, when I had chicken pox, I wrote this one while I was stuck at home and had nothing to do.

Well, once you’re cut off from your daily schedules, you look for stuff within you and you use your potentials like never before πŸ™‚

One day I made a little wish,
and then I set it free
It never reached the sky above,
it got stuck up on a tree.

My little wish remained unheard;
I waited very long
And then I made another wish
upon a little song.

I sang the song loud and clear,
that crossed the mountains high
but then it echoed back to me,
I went home with a sigh

At last I said a little prayer
to Him, the Father of all
He heard my prayer, fulfilled my wish
and I’m as happy as a doll.

P.S. This is a part of my “Sickness Diary”


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