My Little Heart has Much to Say


While I am writing this today, thousands of little orphans are craving for their parents, thousand others are being violated by the ones they thought they loved most, a surprising number of budding teenagers are striving to cope with depression, in different parts of the world. And yet others, with similar concerns, are blogging here or reading my post in order to write what they feel, and feel what they write.

I’m trying to acknowledge the various concerns we, as human beings have; the concerns we almost always either fail to acknowledge or deliberately push at the back of our minds in order to portray our happy, more likeable self. Yes, most of us are lucky enough to be able to voice are opinions regarding social issues, regarding things that concern millions regardless of class, race or society. Certain problems are inherent in every society, be it civilised or not.

Yet, when we know we can, and we should voice our protest against the wrongs being done to us, and the people around us, we often choose to be silent. We choose to be silent either because it doesn’t concern us or anyone we love, or because deep within we are cringing in guilt and shame. In most cases, when the voice within us yells, wants to speak up and fight for the wrongs, we silence it because we believe we are at fault. It is a flaw intrinsic in our character that caused us to encounter the difficulty we did. We fail to realise, time and again, we are not wrong. Even if the whole world goes against us, even if the voices of all the nations come together only to criticize us, we are not wrong.

Sometimes, it hurts to think that no one understands us, not even the people who brought us here, in this beautiful world. It hurts to think we have no companion in whom we can pour our heart out. But, in spite of everything, I believe, we should never forget, we are beautiful. We are complete just the way we are. We may have been through the toughest of times, experienced the most petrifying, dreadful moments imaginable. Yet, we are beautiful. May be, we are still coping with depression, with childhood trauma, with disorders that segregate us from others, but we are still beautiful, our heart within is beautiful. And that is all that matters.


9 thoughts on “My Little Heart has Much to Say

  1. Yes, we are beautiful just as we are….and we are who we are for reasons…and it’s beautiful as we travel our lives and realize those reasons…..One of your reasons are your beautiful posts! Thanks you.

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