Think about This


If I ask you to describe anything that is beautiful, how many of you will describe your own self ?

Let me tell you, you are complete just the way you are. It’s hard to believe me, isn’t it ? Tell me something. Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror when you’re all shabby, when you just woke up from an hour long sleep, and wondered, “I’m so beautiful!” ? No, never. Who looks pretty when her hair isn’t done, her tee is all creases, and she hasn’t put make-up on ?

Well, as a matter of fact, our notion of beauty is confined within the four walls of the fashion industry. You need to buy that shampoo to get perfectly straight hair, you need to buy that cream to get well-shaved legs, you need to use that mascara so you have extra long lashes, you need to take that medicine to lose belly fat in a couple of weeks, you need to…you need to…
I’ve seen games on Facebook that ask me to find out which actress I look like, I’ve seen games on Facebook that ask me to find out what percentage of me is beautiful enough to attract others. I’ve seen many such games on Facebook.

Think about this, and tell me honestly, how many times have you looked at a life-size hoarding and wondered, “I wish I was that beautiful” ? But look into your heart, deep down, and ask yourself- Do you really feel like spending that extra buck on a nourishment lotion? Do you really feel like spending that extra buck on a particular shade of lipstick that goes well with the colour of your skin? If today, the world told you you’re beautiful just the way your are, would you care enough to get that glamourous look?

May be, you do not have the perfect curve in your body. May be, your skin does not have the perfect shade. May be, your hair looks more like waves and every day is a bad hair day for you. But does that really mean you’re not beautiful? Why don’t you look at your ordinary self and feel the same? May be, because the world doesn’t feel so. But who constitutes the world? You and I. If we, individually, change our concept of ” beautiful ” , do you think the world will still think of it in the same way, and have the same stereotypical vision of ” beautiful” ?

Taking care of your own self is a wonderful thing to do. But there is a lot of difference between taking care of yourself and taking pains to look beautiful.


17 thoughts on “Think about This

  1. Nice thought friend.. I too had thought about it once. About our ideology on beauty. How we describe it , how we define it and all but later from thesame people around me I realised one thing that these stereotypes are not gonna change just bcz of our fast paced development in every sector. This particular stereotypes are infused into our minds just for more profit. Here only profit matters for people in this century…. I too feel the same way you felt but somehow lost hope on these.. He he. But if it happens like you said it would have been really good.. I agree.. And it is a very good post.. 👍👍👌👌😊😊

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  2. Yes, women & girls are set to an impossible beauty standard just to keep us buying their beauty remedy products. I never bought into it much. Maybe because I was raised to be natural., natural, natural. But the topic still does get me mad. Their are too many young girls who’s self esteem are suffering needlessly.

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    1. Yes, yes, yes. Same. I never bought much myself and I don’t care for make-up. But it’s the other girls who I see every single day, taking too much pains and I couldn’t help but write this!


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