I Am a Woman


I’m not this hair, I’m not this skin
I am the soul that lives within.
I’m not this curve, I’m not this fat
I am a woman, have I told you that?
My shade, my eyes, my lips, my face
Not to forget my cheeks, in case
you consider these while defining me
I still don’t care, I’m a woman, you see!
If my beauty is what you’ll define,
why not then my enchanting smile?
Why not my heart of love and care?
Why judge my skin that’s dark or fair?
I know, for you my guise is all
It matters whether I’m short or tall
But to love me true, you’ll need to find
the beauty that is in my mind
I wear not looks, nor care for things
that falseness, and hollowness bring
In guise a handsome, gentleman
Without whom I’ll embrace my tan!
For I live to love, to care and share
My heart for wounded souls I spare.
Beauty always, in my heart will be
I am so pretty, I am a woman, you see!


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