The Sea, My Paradise

And under the sea I have lived;

lived and escaped ruthless humanity 

Distant dreams, more distant life

Yet, like a work of art beautifully tainted.

I have lived and loved the ocean blue,

the creatures too minuscule for my pounding heart.

With every breath I have inhaled tranquility

I have been engulfed by waves,

and in the waters I have immersed 

to quieten the mayhem in my heart

I have danced to the melody of the rising tides

And with the falling tides, unperturbed I have slept

Like the pebbles smoothened by the waves,

I have attained my paradise in the sea.


24 thoughts on “The Sea, My Paradise

  1. Heard people say that they find solace when they hit the roads it is as if they have found happiness and they feel like they are home….
    This truly justifies what you feel about the sea…
    An enchanting poem….
    Keep writing

    Liked by 1 person

  2. [Found you at the Community Pool] Nice flow to your poem. It resonated with me because of it’s calm. I was immediately persuaded to read it beginning, middle, and end. I admire the mind that can compose words in this way. Well done!


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