One Lovely Blog Award

I would love to thank lunashea (Voices Inside of Me) for nominating me for this award. This really means a lot! 

Following are the rules of this award-1) Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to them.

2) Share 7-15 facts about yourself.

3)Nominate 9-15 bloggers you admire and contact them to let them know.

Some Facts about Myself- 

1) I am an optimist. I always try to see the bright side of things.

2) I love coffee and books. Well, that’s an amazing combination.

3) When I am at home,I am the laziest person you can ever imagine.

4) I am weird and crazy and I know it. 

5) I am different from others in certain aspects.

6) I am an introvert and a loner. I always need some time alone and I love my room.

7) But, if you need me I’ll be there. Whatever it be, I’ll be there.

8) I believe in the beauty of little things.

9) I appreciate good things if only people mean what they say. (For instance, I was very fond of Enid Blyton as a child. But when I grew up and read more about her, I realised I cannot read Famous Five ever again. She wasn’t really the beautiful, amazing woman I always believed her to be.)

10) I love blogging. I always try to encourage all my fellow bloggers to keep blogging!

I further nominate-

1) Vast_thinker_shreya ❤

2) crystalamay

3) Sanya Monga

4) chaoticmisery

5) MaKenna Davis

6) euthessa

8) K Hatley

9) Autumn Starr

10) Mia


Handwriting Tag

I would love to thank crystalamay for this nomination. It really means a lot!

Here are the rules of this tag-

  1. Write your name
  2. Write your blog name
  3. Write your favourite word and its definition
  4. Write the name of your favourite song right now
  5. What’re you writing with?
  6. Write a fun fact about yourself
  7. Write/ draw your favourite emoticon
  8. Write something nice
  9. Write a silly message
  10. Write who you’re tagging

P.S. I had to change orders because I missed one point. (Sorry) Hope you enjoy reading this. Happy Blogging! 🙂

10 Books that have Changed my Life

Yes, it did take me a long time to list ten inspiring books. There are too many in the list. Besides, I have read quite a lot of books in my life for which it is hard for me to decide which is best or which are the best ones. Yet, I have tried to list 10 really good books. I would love to thank Mia(Sub soare) for this brilliant idea!

1) The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.

(This is a book about courage and about living life to the fullest. )
2) Dream New Dreams, written by Jai Pausch after her husband’s death.

(You must read this after you have read the previous one.)
3) Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom.

(The best lessons a teacher can impart!)
4) The Courage to Heal by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis.

(This one has innumerable stories of courage and hope and of survival. Every single piece is original and beautiful!)
5) City of Joy by Dominique Lapierre.

(A story that defines what joy truly is.)
6) The Good Earth by Pearls S. Buck.

(Indeed, as the title suggests! You must read this if you haven’t.)
7) The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen.

(The importance and beauty of family is best defined in this wonderful book.)
8) Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë.

(A book I could read a hundred times and never feel bored!)
Then there are two others which inspired me much in my childhood days-

9) The Adventures of Robin Hood by Howard Pyle.

( Well, I was quite fascinated by the idea of robbing the stinking rich to serve the poor!)
10) The Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank.

(This one was my favourite always. Perhaps, I can still relate to the way she thought and the things she believed in!)
So, here is my list. I hope that inspires you to read too (in case you haven’t). I hope you read and feel inspired. Happy Reading 🙂

Blogger Recognition Award


I would sincerely like to thank Mia(Sub soare) for nominating me. It really means a lot.

To tell you about my blogging journey- Well, I have been blogging for about a few months now. I am not a seasoned blogger. Yet, I have learnt a lot in these few months.
For years, I have know people who belong to different blogging communities. That induced me to be a part of one. But the first time I opened a blogging site I was utterly confused. Finally, after almost two years from then I managed to open this site.

My blog is called ‘The Wounded Healer blog’. Yes, it is a Jungian concept. I could relate to it so well when I first read about it that I had to make a blog based on my understanding of the concept. I try as much as possible to spread messages of love and beauty, of hope and optimism.

Another thing I’d like to share, blogging has been an enormous source of encouragement to begin writing after three years. I never thought I’d write again.

My advice for other bloggers- Keep blogging as frequently as possible. I assure you you’ll love the experience. I have received much encouragement here. Blogging is amazing. You are free to write whatever you want to. Keep posting. Encourage other bloggers to do the same. Connect with people. Happy Blogging!

I would further like to nominate-
1) thedreamscapes

The rules of the Award-

1) Write a post to show the award.
2) Thank the person who nominated you.
3) Briefly describe your journey as a blogger.
4) Give advice to other bloggers.
5) Nominate other bloggers.

Hope you like enjoy sharing your experience!

P.S. I apologise for the delay in this post. Unfortunately, my WordPress site was having issues. After much effort, it is working now. Thank You.

Three Days’ Quote Challenge (Day 3)

Today is my third and final day. Once again, I would wholeheartedly thank Sure Scribbles for nominating me.

I would like to quote Julie Andrews. She has always been my favourite!

“Perseverance is failing nineteen times and succeeding the twentieth.”

Indeed, nothing should deter our hopes. We can rise and shine again.

“If you remain calm in the midst of great chaos, it is the surest guarantee that it will eventually subside.”

Yes, it will. And we believe we can make it through.

“Whatever man imagines is possible.”

When things go wrong and you feel low, imagine you are a bird flying high.

To continue the Challenge I would like to nominate –
1) Stories from my diary 💟
2) theurbanartist
3) tinypresence

The rules are as follows-

1) Thank the person who nominated you.
2) Post 1-3 quotes for 3 consecutive days.
3) Nominate 3 blogs each day for 3 consecutive days.

Hope you enjoy the challenge! All the best 🙂

Three Days’ Quote Challenge (Day 2)

I would once again like to thank Sure Scribbles for nominating me.

Today, I would like to quote Maya Angelou. She is one of my favourite authors.

“If you have only one smile in you give it to the people you love.”

Indeed, a smile is the best thing to give. A little smile can always spread a mile.

We delight in the beauty of a butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

A butterfly teaches us to be strong.
Hold on! Your pain will end and the sun will shine again.

You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”

We experience a lot in life. Some good, some not so good. Let’s embrace the good and discard the ‘not so good’. Let’s not let the ugly stuff overcomebus or belittle us in any way.

To continue the Challenge I would like to nominate –
2) lavieenrose2196
3) shellsshizzle

The rules are as follows-

1) Thank the person who nominated you.
2) Post 1-3 quotes for 3 consecutive days.
3) Nominate 3 blogs each day for 3 consecutive days.

Hope you enjoy the challenge! All the best 🙂

Three Days’ Quote Challenge (Day 1)

Firstly, I’m really excited about this! I would like to thank Sure Scribbles for nominating me for this challenge.

I’ll be posting three quotes for three consecutive days. My quotes will be related to my blog.

Today, I would like to post three Pete Seeger quotes. I hope all of you reading my posts are well acquainted with the amazing man!

“I want to turn the clock back to when people lived in small villages and took care of each other.”

Indeed, taking care of each other is a great thing to do. If you feel you haven’t, go help someone today. I promise that you’ll feel great about yourself!

“If there’s something wrong, speak up!” –

For all the beautiful souls out there, whose voices have been crushed, who are cringing in guilt and shame.

“Being generous of spirit is a wonderful way to live.”

Yes, a million times! Be generous and kind. Spread the same. Spread happiness. Live life. Live well.

To continue the Challenge I would like to nominate-
1) kariazam
2) Olaronke Ariyibi
3) rebelsouladventures

The rules are as follows-

1) Thank the person who nominated you.
2) Post 1-3 quotes for 3 consecutive days.
3) Nominate 3 blogs each day for 3 consecutive days.

Hope you enjoy the challenge! All the best 🙂