Amigos :)

For all my loved ones on WordPress-
When the sun was bright, the ocean blue,

You touched my soul, said, “How d’ you do?”

Oh, did I know that you would stay

That you would liven up each day?

And when the sky seemed dark and gloom,

The flowers promised not to bloom,

You touched my soul and brought a smile

You held my hand, we walked a mile.

And bit by bit my sorrows did

elope in fear, no more they hid

Under the darkness of my soul,

For you were there and I was whole.

The nooks and crannies of my heart,

The wearied strings long torn apart-

You stayed on, strived with all your might

You held on, gave me reasons to fight

You lit my path, you gave me life

You gave me reason to survive.

And if ever I did unleash my mind

Gave all my love, in trust turned blind

That embodied you mean to me

More than the stars that you can see.

Your deeds unnumbered, my words at war

To let you know how dear you are!

Though there is little that I can do,

Yet I promise, I’ll always be there for you.